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Behave anywhere everywhere"

Introducing Kai, the embodiment of joy ! This exuberant male Chocolate Labradoodle puppy is the epitome of happiness in fur. With a coat as rich and velvety as the finest chocolate, Kai's appearance perfectly mirrors his delightful personality.

This active little pup thrives on being on the move, making him an ideal companion for those who love an active lifestyle. Whether it's a brisk morning walk, an afternoon hike, or a romp on the beach, Kai will be your ever-enthusiastic partner, never failing to keep you smiling.


With his joyful demeanor, perpetual wagging tail, and a heart that's as warm as the sun, Kai is more than a puppy – he's a ray of sunshine on four legs.  Kai is sure to fill your days with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories.


Male; 35-40 lbs ; Medium, 4 months old

Born: May 30, 2023
Ready to go home: 
December, 2023 at 7 months old


         WE OFFER

  •  Health test: Heart Normal, vWD Clear, EIC Clear, DM Clear, CERF; OFA Eye Certification Normal.

  • Neutered and Spayed

  • Your puppy will be fully vet checked and up to date on all dewormer and vaccinations

  • 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee.

  •  Constant support, before and AFTER your puppy goes home with you.

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